Individual Lessons

If you don't feel that our group classes are for you, we offer one-on-one lessons. Each lesson is taught by a certified instructor with years of experience who is ready to offer you personalized attention and instruction. Lessons are offered for archers aged 8 and up.* Contact us with any questions.

*If your child is younger than 8 years old and you would like for them to begin archery lessons, please give us a call.

Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) is a USA Archery program that teaches archery to children and young adults. JOAD provides great opportunities for awarding achievement and helps archer enjoy the sport recreationally or progress to the excitement of competition! We also have an adult JOAD program for adults who would like to learn to shoot. Beginner class is on Saturday mornings from 9:00am to 10:30am. Advanced class is on Saturday mornings from 10:30am to 12:00pm. See you then!

The S3DA club program is an indoor/outdoor archery program that provides a natural progression that helps students grow from elementary school all the way through high school and allows them to move into shooting at the collegiate level. S3DA has become one of the fastest growing archery programs for youths in the US. Some travel is required when you become part of this club team but our S3DA events are family-oriented and family-friendly. Contact us for more details about how to get involved with S3DA.

Explore Archery is a perfect fit for archers of any age or ability who want to get involved in the sport of target archery. If you are new to the sport of archery or a beginner archer looking for an introductory program to sign up for, Explore Archery has what you need to get started! You'll learn important skills like range safety and proper shooting form, play exciting games, and earn achievement awards.

Explore Bowhunting is an educational program designed to help teach students ages 11- 17 the basic skills of bowhunting. The Archery Trade Association has created this program to spark an interest and passion for bowhunting in today’s youth. Through these hands-on experiences, students gain confidence interacting with the natural environment and strengthen their appreciation for wildlife and the woods.

Explore Bowfishing is an educational program designed to help teach students ages 11-17 the basic skills of bowfishing, through the programs regularly introduce people of all ages to the sport. The ATA created the program to spark interest and inspire a passion for outdoor activities among kids and help beginning archers expand their skills beyond basic target shooting. The program bridges the gap between introductory archery programs and hunting, while reaching new archers in the angling market.