Archery Events

Looking to add archery to your corporate event?  Throwing your child a birthday party?  Need a new group activity for your child’s Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop or youth group?  Let us help!  We offer traditional target archery, archery party games, DART system shooting, Aerial Archery, and Archery Gladiator.  Events can take place at our location or we can come to you.**  Contact us with questions, for details, or to coordinate your event.

*All events will be supervised by USA Archery and S3DA certified instructors.  Equipment can and will be provided based on your specific needs.

**Some activities are location-dependent and must take place at our facilities.  Please contact us if you have questions about what services we can offer at your specific location.

Archery Gladiator

Archery Gladiator combines dodgeball and archery into one intense, action-packed sport. Different scenarios are available including 300, Free-for-All, Capture the Flag, and more.

Aerial Archery

Aerial Archery tests your speed and skill as an archer in our very own version of skeet shooting.

Summer Camps

Archery camps provide a relaxed atmosphere that combines basic shooting techniques, safety, and FUN! Camps are offered as single day camps, 2-3 day camps, and week-long camps.